How to Become a Florida Notary Public

Applying is as Easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Print out and complete the Notary Public Application, Bond, and Prices. Click on the following link to download the application and bond. http://aaronnotary.com/become_florida_notary.htm

Step 2: After printing out the application have the “Affidavit of Character” filled out, and don’t forget to sign the application and bond.

Step 3: You must complete the FREE of charge Notary Course on the internet through our website. Florida law requires, all first-time applicants must complete a 3-hours notary education course and to receive a Certificate of Completion, click on the following link to take the Notary Course for Free http://aaronnotary.com/free_fl_notary_course.htm


Mail your original application, Bond, and Certification of Completion along with your invoice and payment to:

Aaron Notary Appointment Services, Inc.

 P.O. BOX 69-3002

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IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that you protect yourself against any lawsuit that can occur during your notary commission with an Errors & Omission Insurance (personal liability coverage), the State requires $7,500 bond that only protects the public, not you, as a notary public. More Info


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How to report a lost or stolen notary stamp in the State of Florida.

SI 4913 X

 Lost or Stolen Stamp Notification 

As of August 15, 2014, the Division of Corporations and the Executive Office of the Governor have implemented a new procedure for reporting lost or stolen notary stamps. Under the new procedure, all notifications of lost or stolen notary stamps should be reported by written to the Department of State, Division of Corporation, Notary Section.

The Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations will issue you(notary public) an acknowledgement letter and a new commission number and commission certificate once the lost or stolen notification is received. 

The letter will also instruct you to contact your bonding agency’s office in order to obtain a new notary stamp. Your bonding agency will receive a copy of the letter, which will include your new commission number.

The addresses for reporting lost or stolen notary stamps are as follows:

Regular Mail

Division of Corporation

Attn: Notary Section

P.O. Box 6327

Tallahassee, FL 32314

Courier Service

Division of Corporation

Attn: Notary Section Clifton Building

2661 Executive Center Circle

Tallahassee, FL 32301

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What’s the Difference Between an Acknowledgement and a Jurat?

This question can confuse even experienced Notaries. First of all, the Acknowledgment  the document and Jurat are the two most common types of notarization, but are different in purpose. What becomes confusing is that sometimes the document that needs notarization isn’t worded clearly. As a Notary you have to ask yourself, are you simply “acknowledging” (witnessing) a person’s signature (Acknowledgement), or are you witnessing their oath that something is true, along their signature (Jurat).

But just to keep it as simple as possible, if the wording on a document to be notarized is asking in any way for the person to affirm or swear that something is true, for instance that the ho me they live in is their primary residence (often included in loan documents), then a Jurat is the proper notarization. Typical wording on the document would be: “I certify under penalty or perjury…” or “I do so agree and covenant…” “I affirm…” “I testify that…”

Any documents that just require a signature without any declarative  statement should be notarized using and Acknowledgment. You might feel confused if an Acknowledgment has words like: By signing this…(person’s name) accepts and agrees to the terms and covenants contained in this document. Even with the word “covenant” in there, an oath or affirmation is not involved, and the person is agreeing to something without having to affirm or swear an oath.

A personal appearance before the Notary is ALWAYS required to execute a Jurat. No one else can swear an oath or affirmation for the person named on the Jurat. It is a personal promise that can’t be made by anyone else. In addition, the Jurat must be signed, dated and notarized at the time the oath or affirmation is administered. It cannot be signed in advance under any circumstances.

A personal appearance before the Notary by the person named in an  Acknowledgment is usually required to execute an Acknowledgment, but there are exceptions. A representative with power of attorney or a subscribing witness may appear in place of the person named. A person signing a document requiring an Acknowledgement can sign in advance, bring the paperwork to the Notary and represent to the Notary that it is their signature and they signed it before coming to the Florida Notary. The Florida Notary can notarize this signature based in proper ID and that the person is standing before them stating it is their signature. Even though their signature may be dated a previous date, the notarization ALWAYS carries the actual date of the notarization.

In some cases a document requires both a Jurat and an Acknowledgment. You then administer the oath or affirmation and complete both documents. Some state have developed a combination jurat/acknowledgment form, but other states still require two separate forms.

Acknowledgment Aaron Florida NotaryOath or Affirmation

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